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Step 1 – Planning

Initially, we will need to meet with you and find out what you want in a house. Decisions can be made regarding the look, size, and materials to be used. This is the ideal stage to design something to suit your requirements and budget.



Step 2 – The House Design

At this point we may need to enter a Preliminary Contract with you. This covers the costs of work involved to get concepts and/or plans drawn. This will all be discussed and identified to you prior to commencing this stage. During this stage, we engage our designer/architect . You can choose your own designer if you wish. We also have a range of Certified Plans, and our own plans , that you can also use, making small changes if necessary. We will work with you in the design process and provide feedback where necessary.



Step 3 – Quoting

Once we have a set of working drawings, we can provide you with a quote for the build based on the choices you have made. A contract will be provided for you to sign once you are satisfied with the plan and quote.



Step 4 – Consent

Once the contract is signed, plans will be submitted to council in order to gain consent.



Step 5 – Build

Once consent has been granted, we will begin the build as soon as possible. We will work closely with you and keep you informed of the progress. With your permission, we also post progress pictures on our Facebook Page. All of this work will be done on time and on budget. 

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