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With a love for real timber, and a passion for timber trusses, this is a form of carpentry that Fearnley Construction is particularly excited to work on.  One of our recent builds incorporated traditional oak-pegged mortise and tenon macrocarpa trusses, whose origin dates to early European architecture.  Drawing your eye towards the depth of the space, they are also creatively accentuated by lighting elements that lift the eye above the trusses into the roofing expanse, highlighting the exposed tongue and groove macrocarpa ceiling that also complements the grooved oak flooring in the kitchen and dining areas.  

Considering the unique nature of these trusses, test joints were submitted for extensive testing in Canterbury University to ensure they met New Zealand standards.  Far exceeding all expectations, the results of this type of construction proved how durable and widely used this traditional building technique can be. The design, testing, construction, and drying of these trusses spanned a 12-month time frame.  

If you are interested in bespoke carpentry, with exposed timber features, then please get in touch, as this is something we are truly passionate about.  We are happy to work with you to bring your concept into a reality, or give suggestions on how you could incorporate timber throughout your home.

This house was also featured in NZCB's REVERE magazine.  View here:


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