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We chose Ben and Bec to build our new home as we were impressed with the house they had previously built for us on our farm 

The whole thought of building this house was overwhelming, but with both Ben and Bec’s guidance working through each part of the process with a positive can-do attitude, they gave us the confidence we needed. Our build was a challenge, but they have great skills, were so well organised and had excellent forward planning, which made it all very manageable. 

Invariably problems and concerns occurred, but with their sound advice, suggestions, and thoughtfulness, resourceful solutions were quickly found.  

We were always kept well informed and updated when visiting on-site, by phone, and via emails. Both Ben and Bec were clear communicators with us and all the parties involved in the build. They have a natural gift of communicating, getting the job done and working as a team. Ben and Bec always made time to talk to us and allowed us to make very personal decisions. 

The Design Choices, which we had worked through from the beginning, were always a good reference tool and a reminder when decisions were still to be made. Bec made sure this was always kept up to date and well documented. 

The quality of Ben’s workmanship, along with his attention to detail and the professionalism which he approached the job, was refreshing. He always made sure he had done his homework, bringing his knowledge and skills to the fore. We have had nothing but positive comments from subcontractors he worked with, our neighbours, family and friends. He is easy to work with, considerate, and always kept a tidy work site. 

We were happy with the time frame of our build and very pleased with the result. We feel that choosing a builder is such a personal choice.  We made the right decision in choosing Ben and Bec, and highly recommend them. 

G and H Lamers 

In June this year, we had the privilege of moving into our brand new home, built by Fearnley Construction. In our opinion, this was certainly one of those "meant to be" situations. From our very first enquiry, we were given clear, easy to understand, and impeccably honest information. Everything we needed to know upfront was communicated, and there was a reassuring transparency in all correspondence.


The price of the build was incredible value by comparison to other builders, especially given the quality of materials and workmanship - far exceeding our expectations. We have built twice before, and know from personal experience that although quality workmanship is very important, if you have that without efficient communication, availability to talk things through, and a significant amount of trust - the whole process can be incredibly stressful. Well the Fearnley's delivered on all those things, and more. There's just so much thought, and detail that goes into building a house, and Ben and Bec made this so much more manageable, and alleviated so much stress with their sound advice, incredibly efficient correspondence (even corresponding with us when we were in the USA but needed to finalise house details!), and pro-active, but not pushy action when it most mattered - oh, and their sense of humour! Fearnley Construction achieve such a great balance between being professional, whilst at the same time very relational.


Inevitably with a house build there are issues that arise, and the relatively few times this occurred, Ben and Bec were swift to bring resolution, and did all they could to rectify any situation with diligence and a great attitude. A lifesaver for us, was how Bec meticulously prepared the design choices document - which at several points during the build was SO helpful when a sub-contractor occasionally misunderstood, or forgot something we had previously discussed. All we had to do was refer to the document, and the matter was settled - a benefit to both parties!


We loved making site visits and seeing Ben, Jordie and the sub-contractors working hard on the project - and they were always so welcoming and friendly which was so neat. A few weeks ago, I overheard 2 people talking about their current house builds - one was so upset because the builder finished 4 months later than promised, and the other was so stressed because they were seeing virtually no progress on their new home. This was far from our experience with Fearnley Construction! Ben's project management was so fine-tuned that there was hardly any time we went past the site when something wasn't being worked on (daylight hours of course!). Furthermore, the icing on the cake was that our home was completed, not on time - but early!!!! How often do you hear that????? We wholeheartedly recommend Fearnley Construction and are 100% certain that anyone who builds with them will be more than happy with the results. Thanks Ben, Bec, Jordie and the team for making our dream a reality - we couldn't be happier! 

K & B Baines

I am writing this in regard to Fearnley Construction and to advise of their very professional, yet honest and informative way in which they conduct their business. We found our building process very easy and we quite often commented on how it wasn’t at all stressful as sometimes can be the case. This was due to the fact that this company provides very well thought out plans, they have a ‘nothing is a problem attitude’ and most of all they are very honest and trustworthy people. If we were to build again these are the people we would have to do the job as the workmanship is first class, I wish Ben and Rebecca the very best with their business in the future. 

S Jones & A Duckett

My wife and I felt completely ignorant and certainly very far from competent when we began, tentatively, our journey to build a new house for ourselves. We nearly signed up with a large building company. Fortunately word of mouth steered us in the direction of Ben and Bec Fearnley. What seemed almost impossible became possible and what seemed scary now became quite exciting. We now have a four bedroom warm house. We have light filled rooms and we feel very comfortable.

Ben and Bec took our hands and guided us with our best interests in mind. We learned to take their advice. We were gently shown when we had to make decisions for ourselves. They helped right through from getting plans sorted and submitted to the council through to the final inspection. We had every confidence in what Bec organised and Ben built.

The site preparation and foundation construction began in September. We moved into our new house at the end of January. Allowing for the fact that Christmas is in that timeframe you would have to be impressed by the progress that Ben and his subcontractors made. The workmanship was always good. We were able to see every step on the way and give feedback - which was practically always - "that's great".

I unreservedly recommend Fearnley Construction if you are looking for a house builder. If I were building another house - I'd give Ben and Bec a call. They are good. 


M & R Morley-Bunker

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